The Favorite Sister

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If you like reality TV and watching The Real Housewives or KUWTK, you'll be interested in this story! If you do not like reality TV, steer clear. All 5 women create TV persona’s built on lies--they have fake relationships, fake friendships, and support fake feminist causes. Fearful of losing their role on the show, these women stop at nothing in order to remain on the show even if it means destroying someone they care about. Very mean, manipulative woman who are set to support each others success--but it all gets distorted from fame, jealousy, and money.

This book started a little bit slow and "meeting" all of the characters at the very beginning got a little bit confusing but once the story took off it was a more interesting storyline. It might just be me, but I got a bit confused in the beginning of the story between characters, present day, and things occurring in the past, who was who and who was speaking. I LOVED Jessica Knoll's first book. I forced myself to finish this one and while it did have a few good thoughts, I barely liked it.

“You’re showing young girls that you don’t have to be thin to be beautiful," "No, I correct them, I’m showing young girls that you don’t have to be beautiful to matter. The thinking that women of all shapes and sizes can be beautiful is still hugely problematic, because it is predicated on the idea that the most important thing a woman has to offer the world is her appearance.”


When five hyper-successful women agree to appear on a reality series set in New York City called Goal Diggers, the producers never expect the season will end in murder…

Brett’s the fan favorite. Tattooed and only twenty-seven, the meteoric success of her spin studio—and her recent engagement to her girlfriend—has made her the object of jealousy and vitriol from her castmates.

Kelly, Brett’s older sister and business partner, is the most recent recruit, dismissed as a hanger-on by veteran cast. The golden child growing up, she defers to Brett now—a role which requires her to protect their shocking secret.

Stephanie, the first black cast member and the oldest, is a successful bestselling author of erotic novels. There have long been whispers about her hot, non-working actor-husband and his wandering eye, but this season the focus is on the rift that has opened between her and Brett, former best friends—and resentment soon breeds contempt.

The Favorite Sister explores the invisible barriers that prevent women from rising up the ranks in today’s America—and offers a scathing take on the oft-lionized bonds of sisterhood, and the relentless pressure to stay young, relevant, and salable.

“It is a dangerous thing to conflate feminism with liking all women. It limits women to being one thing, likable, when feminism is about allowing women to be all shades of all things, even if that thing is a snake oil saleswoman.”

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