Say Zoop!

By: Herve Tullet BUY BOOK HERE

This book has been tested on children. 100/100 are obsessed with it! You will quite literally be OH-ing and AH-ing and saying ZOOP! Interactive books are the absolute best, and Herve Tullet is the master of them. My students voted, majority said this is their favorite of the four!


Make some noise! Shout "OH!" Whisper "oh!" Say "Zoop"? Yes! "Zoop!" "Zoop!" "Zoop!" The newest book from Hervé Tullet magically responds with bursts of color and moving shapes, empowering children by letting their imaginations liberate and direct each page's reaction. Tullet's books define the genre of participatory bookmaking, encouraging readers to explore and interact with the physical book in all its dimensions. The reward is tremendous: a journey of whimsy and sheer fun that extends well beyond the book's pages.

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