Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

By: Peter Brown BUY BOOK HERE

Mr. Tiger lives in a perfectly fine world of prim and proper ladies and gentlemen.

One day, the stiff suits, dainty teas, and Victorian manners begin to bore him… and he has a very wild idea. This “it's okay to be different” story stands out--from the tiger-striped pop of orange in the dreary city of gray to his transformations of becoming WILD.

First, he drops to all fours. His neighbors are nonplussed. Then, he rampages and roars. His neighbors are frightened. Finally, he gets naked. The village members suggest he head into the wilderness, which he thinks is a “magnificent idea.” He loves the wilderness, with all its wildness, but, in time, he misses the city and his friends.

Will his friends accept their "wildness" and join him? This story is told with perfect comedic timing and is guaranteed to inspire wild giggles.

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