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If you listened to the news in 2009, you know the story of Susan Powell disappearing and her creeper husband Josh Powell never getting arrested. And then a few years later committing an even more horrific crime. If you like true crime like me, you will LOVE this podcast done by KSL News. It's been years in the making and is VERY well done. The media had to leave out so much of the investigation of Susan's disappearance because they didn't want the person responsible to know how much they knew. And now they're spilling everything!! Steve Powell, Josh's dad, has got to be one of the creepiest humans to ever live--right up there on the list is Josh. It's more fascinating than any tv show I've seen recently!


Susan Powell was a wife, a mother, a working professional and a faithful Latter-day Saint.

She was also a victim. Of just what crime, no one can say with certainty.

Susan turned up missing on Dec. 7, 2009, on the same day her husband had their two young sons, ages 2 and 4, out for an impromptu camping trip — in a blizzard — in Utah’s West Desert.

Her body has never been located.

Police suspected Susan’s husband, Josh Powell, had murdered her from the very day of her disappearance. Yet they never arrested Josh. Prosecutors also never filed criminal charges against him.

Deputies, detectives and federal agents pursued Josh for more than two years. They believed time was on their side. Then, on Feb. 5, 2012, Josh killed himself and the boys, Charlie and Braden, by setting fire to a home he’d rented in Graham, Washington.

The deaths of the boys shocked Susan’s family, friends and many other people who had followed the unfolding story in news reports.

Their deaths also triggered the public release of court documents, social worker reports and even a psychological evaluation of Josh from state agencies in Washington.

A little over a year later, in May of 2013, police in West Valley City, Utah declared the case cold.

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