You'll find contradicting opinions from teachers about graphic novels. They've got a bad rap and I don't know why. A lot of school libraries don't stock them, teachers won't allow them in their classroom, kids don't have the opportunity to be exposed to them. Here is my strong opinion: READING IS READING. Who are we to limit what a child likes and wants to read? The art in graphic novels in captivating and teaches inference. The lay out of a graphic novel teaches sequencing in a unique way. For a struggling reader: they can use art + context clues to help them figure out words they don't know or understand. For the artistic brain: they crave more than words on a page, they want to ignite their imagination. For any kid, girl or boy: they LOVE graphic novels. It is getting more rare to see a child completely sucked into the world of a book--graphic novels do that to my students every single time. Teachers and adults may not love graphic novels, but this isn't about you. This is about a child's discovery. So next time you are questioning the positive benefits of a graphic novel or hear a negative opinion, please remember the most important thing is to have a child who LOVES to read.